Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Prostate™ Formula

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010 &

These web sites suggest that "Stigwood Reseach Institute" is an independent authority on prostate supplements. We have attempted to confirm the validity of this institute at and they have no record of this business or institute. Internet search engines do not contain records that authenticate the Stigwood Research Institute. It should be noted that research institutes generally are accredited institutions with obvious credentials. These web sites encourage the consumer to purchase the product Prostavar(TM) manufactured by Superbalife International, LLC. over other products. Before purchasing from this company or any internet company a consumer should check to see if the said company has complaints reported via the Better Business Bureau. You should note that the Better Business Bureau almost always has a record of a company if complaints have been submitted. You should also note that if a business is not a paying member of the Better Business Bureau they may not be listed with the BBB if no complaints have been filed. Not finding a business on the BBB web site simply means either they have no complaints or they have not paid a fee to be a member of the BBB or no free BBB listing has been requested. If a complaint has been reported the BBB will almost always have a listing of the company whether or not the company is a paying member of the BBB.